We’ve always decorated our homes and the places where we spend more time with the plants we prefer. This is because the color green influences our mood in a positive way, and makes for a healthier environment, thanks to plants’ capacity of purifying the air

Today it is possible to organize our terraces in a positive and rational way, but we can also decorate those spaces which usually are spoil of green decorations. We are talking about walls.

In this way we can increase the number of plants, without having to give up space, in coherence with architectural needs.

Technical details

The Wallup® patent is clean and easy to install even in small domestic homes. The technological solution sends the excess water in a draining tube that goes ino a basin, so that the water can be reused

Structural parts

The two pre-drilled angle brackets make up the anchor structure. Metal boxes complete the cladding

Wallup® vases

Thanks to the wallup patent we made a system of vases which is small in size and easy to install

Drain baisin

Wallup can be positioned anwhere, the 6 litre drain baisin ensures cleanliness even after repeated watering

Utilized materials – accessible technology

  • Mounting structure: zinc-coated and painted steel
  • Wallup vases: extruded alluminium painted with polyester powder.
  • Drawer: zinc-coated polyester powder painted steel, it has a basin with the function of containing the water used to water the plants
  • Removable basin: in plastic washable material